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Wed Sep 14, 2016, 1:35 PM

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Got my Daily Deviation #7 ! 

Thanks so much to JustACapharnaum 

for featuring

Simplicity by SheilaMBrinson

Thanks always to all my watchers and non-watchers 
for all your support. And thanks so much for all the
nice comments and favorites.

Many, maaany hugs for you all !
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Sheila Brinson


Mon Jul 25, 2016, 4:44 PM

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Hello everyone!

JustACapharnaum has started a project with the hashtag #MacroArmy.
The purpose? to give Macro Photography more exposure on dA!
Lets make a huge team of amazing and awesome Macro Photographers!
How cool is that idea?!

But, she cant do this alone, so what about if we help her spreading the word?!
:bulletpink: You can add the tag #MacroArmy to your old macro photography.
:bulletpink: Add the tag to your future macro photography too!
:bulletpink: Write journals or update your status with it, talk about it, anything can help :)

Your help is very appreciated,
Thank you !!


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2016, 5:04 PM

Hey was up guys!

I am still around but not very active, so sorry.

What is keeping me busy and away from here? i'll tell you..

light pink heart bullet 1st, my little girl starts school and i am trying to teach her the best and most i can so she can be ready and not behind. 
That is time consuming and of course my priority :heart: ...My boy is going to 6th Grade, so he is fine for now.

light pink heart bullet And 2nd.. i am finally moving to my first house on August! but first i need to be sure that is clean, painted, fixed.. all the good stuff before moving my family in, soooooo, i will finally have my own backyard filled with flowers and insects!! that means 2 things, my kids will have a backyard to play around and... more macro pictures of water drops!!! i mean, more macro pictures =p

That is why i haven't been around dA this past weeks, or may i say months?

That is my update for now, and i hope you enjoy my most recent deviation!


Thank you!

Wed Feb 24, 2016, 1:26 AM

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For my surprise i was connected to dA at 2:05am when i realized i received my 6th DD!
Suggested by JustACapharnaum :hug:
and featured by MarcosRodriguez :blowkiss:

Thanks so much!

I am so grateful and happy that my work is appreciated and featured here in this community by so many wonderful people :heart:
It just gives me strength to keep taking beautiful pictures, giving my heart on each one.

Dont let anybody or any group discourage you for not liking/accepting and declining your pictures. 
Keep going forward and if some don't like your pictures, there are dozens, hundreds (including hundreds of groups) that will love them.

Some think that photography is not serious... here is what i think about photografhy and why is serious to me: 
Flashing Heart Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Photography is part of you because you use your time, heart, inspiration, bravery (yeah, bravery in many cases!) etc. 
Flashing Heart Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Photography is a time travel, where memories live forever and you can go back to them anytime you want if you want to revive some emotions, memories. 
Flashing Heart Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Photography is not about quality, is about emotion, meaning, unless you do photography for a living or want to sell it just for an extra income, or whatever your reason is....
(but plz sell your own, no stealing ok?)

This is just my opinion and some reasons why for me photography is a serious thing, and if you don't agree, then is ok because everybody has different opinions and believes. Peace :peace:

Thanks so much for reading and been part of this wonderful site and community :blowkiss:

In case i forget...

Sat Jan 23, 2016, 5:04 PM

Happy Valentines Day!

In advance :heart:

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Sheila Brinson's Random Features!

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 3:54 PM

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Time for a Random Feature!
I dont have an especific day for features, thats why i will call it
Sheila Brinson's Random Features!
Enjoy :heart:

Creepy Crawler by MastersImagingPhotos Only water by Ornicar-photographie
Day 32 by Z-Nous Starburst by pqphotography
Dark Shine. by Blutr0t Fragile by ironicna
almost star by indolencja cat Macro , by al3in-boy
:bigthumb469534318: You Cant See Me by Alliec
Water drops by dtr777 .: Silence is Golden :. by Frank-Beer
hi ,devinantart by lisans Butterfly and Zenia by MastersImagingPhotos Red currant v2 by tom00-85
bubble sphere by isischneider 07405 by Ikarusthefirst
Waxy monkey frog by AngiWallace You Are So Beautiful To Me by theresahelmer Just Like Magic by alexgphoto
genesis by Art-de-Viant Image by Serdar-T

And a new feature,  "Folders"!!!
And what is that? o.O
It means i will feature an entire Gallery Folder
and not just one picture!
You like it? let's go!!

Here is my first Gallery Folder that i will feature:

Nature Gallery Folder!


And for all this amazing artist a very big
Like by KmyGraphic
Keep up the amazing work!!

A personal way to say...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 3:19 PM

Hey hi!
Just to thank you for all :+fav:'s, :+devwatch:'s and lots
of comments in a more personal way.

Made them with my own hand writing to thank you
in advance.
thanks in advance for favorites by SheilaMBrinson
thanks in advance for comments by SheilaMBrinson
thanks in advance for watchs. by SheilaMBrinson

This little boxes have a cheesy look, but is not about how they look, its about how are theyre made, and they are made
with love and appreciation.

You are welcome to use this ones on your description:
Thank You in advance by SheilaMBrinson Thank You Blue by SheilaMBrinson
but please, dont re upload, copy, or claim as yours.
(thats all i ask)

Thanks again for everything, love ya!

Features, Yay!! Macro alert!

Tue May 13, 2014, 4:30 PM

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I just :+fav: 90% of this amazing pictures today,
and i couldn't resist not sharing them with you!
Get ready to scroll and :+fav: !

White Crab Spider by dinawanaojt
New birth by AnnaKirsten
Gerbera macro by Orangutan-Klaus
389 by Astroadamo
fruiting bodies by 0Encrypted0
Roygbiv by endprocess83
Red faced beetle by gmazza
Colorful by patrykcyk
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens by dllavaneras
Little Creatures 023 by Frank-Beer
Reluctant ant by gmazza
Half hidden by AngiWallace
Snail by patrykcyk
Rough by LiveLaughLove190
X-Wing by patrykcyk
Bee by patrykcyk
Gone with the wind III by luka567
Bubbles by Bruinen
416 by Astroadamo
267. by Bullter
more delicious_2 by KEYZETman
colorful by iloveunreality
18 by kathero3
majestic by FttSniper
I'm not that different from you... by Seb-Photos
Flowers by marustagram

Some Portraits and Fashion <3
Queen of Hearts by PlatinumEgoist
Parrot by Desert-Winds
Raza Collection by RebecaSaray
Snow White II by Amanda-Diaz
Pheasant feather and silk cocoon headpiece by Genevieve-Amelia
Autumn Leaves I by luciekout

I Love Colors!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 20, 2014, 12:20 AM


Colored Crown by Stridsberg Funky Glass by allsoulsnight
Blow My Mind - In Colors by IngoSchobert Removal by Davenit
Color by prologic77
the Pan within by werol drop cahter by 1poz
Greenness by Michaelthien Afternoon Sun on the Middle Falls by KickStart011Sarai, una tarde de verano by aixado Rainbow by Piquebube<da:thumb id="83132287"/>
Origami Stars by LoverDgirlA1065 Sighisoara by BogdanEpure
Colors of Nature by ELKAPL
Tortoise beetle by ColinHuttonPhoto Anemone dewdrop refraction by needcaffine
<da:thumb id="427122312"/> BUCOLIC DROP by ArwenArtsVivid by MissFlykt
Kettle by Kamal-Q White Time by Cute-And-Bright
<da:thumb id="430476280"/> Spots of Autumn by kayaksailor
Lavish Lionfish by FauxHead With Love by ivya-cz

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I made the cursor thinking about left handers too :heart:

Hey you!

Wed Feb 12, 2014, 4:08 PM

Wishing you a
Happy Valentines Day

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Beautiful Flowers

Fri Sep 27, 2013, 11:07 PM

Love to fill my Journal with such beauties <3

Wintertime... by MartaC .__delicacy__. by oracal Alienbrain by matze-end
.192. by Nigrita Imaginary XL by alessandraaa Summer magic by Azzeria
Starlets by Morgan-Lou florescence by augenweide Tendresse by NicolasEvariste
delicate02 by impatienss L O N E L Y by IgNgRez Greenhouse 12 by Shelagnoa
Nature's Disco Ball by alexgphoto Here I Lay by EHilsdonPhotography

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Sharing with you

Sat Sep 7, 2013, 11:17 PM

I need to do this because its tooooooo cool to keep it to myself... I am talking about an AWESOME photographer i've found without looking for it.
His name is Markus Reugels and i dont think he is in deviantART.
Just check this few pictures from him:

His gallery is not in English, but guess what? his pictures are bilingual! !
Check his Gallery if you have a chance!! Fully recommended!

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